Frequently Asked Questions. Contact Us for more information.

What are the services that you offer?

For now, we offer four customizable services: bartending, champagne shelf, frosé cart, and cotton candy stand. Our team is open minded to your suggestions. If you are looking for any other beverage services, please let us know and we can discuss the options. Example of services we can also provide are a coffee cart, lemonade stand, and more.

Do you have wedding planning services?

Unfortunately, we do not offer wedding planning services at the moment. However, we have a fun, little planning section in our blog for a few ideas.

Do you provide décor options?

Yes, we do! We offer décor that can be added to your bar, shelf, or cart. Some of the décor include vases, flowers, balloons, and more. Please note that we do not offer general event décor services.

What are the certifications you have?

We have MAPAQ, an Alcohol permit, and a Kosher Certification by MK (Pending). We also have a food hygiene attestation.

What are the prices?

Prices differ for each service. We usually charge per person, and per bartenders, depending on the size of event and on your needs. Our team would be happy to discuss the prices in details with you by email, phone or Instagram DM. Just reach out to us!

Can we rent your machines, décor, or cart for our personal use?

If you want to rent our machines or cart for your event, but you do not want our personal services, we can definitely discuss the options. However, there will always be one of our team members at the event, to ensure the safety and proper use of our items. Our team does recommend to opt for one of our full services to ensure that your guests get the best experience.